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September 17, 2014


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Debbie M


I highly recommend making the top cabinets just go all the way up to the ceiling. You don't even have to put anything on the top shelf, but it's available for low-use items and doesn't need dusting because it's behind the door. (Admittedly, you don't generally want to hang art on your cabinet doors!)

I also like a floor plan where the dining room and living room are connected, so when/if you DO have a big dinner party, you can easily extend the seating into the living room. I don't think you need that big of a kitchen for dinner parties and bread baking. Even a small kitchen can be designed to be a "two-butt kitchen" as a friend of mine calls it if you want to both be able to work. And if the dining room is adjacent, guests can hang out there and still talk to you while you're finishing up. And extra prep room on the dining room table will be easily accessible.


No dishwasher? Heaven forbid! We didn't have one the first 10 years we were married. I'd never go back to that. I still hate hand-washing! I do bake a lot and remember with longing my mother's old double oven. I still cook a lot, not because I enjoy it, but because it's cheaper and healthier than eating out. However, I've never truly enjoyed having groups of people for meals.

I too marvel with you at the idea of large groups of friends helping in the kitchen or watching a the cook as they sit there with glasses of wine. How many people really do that?


I'm looking forward to having the dining table and cooking area directly adjacent. Our current configuration is T-shaped and the oven is right at the doorway of the galley kitchen ... so people going and coming from the kitchen does make it highly annoying for this cook!

Friends have been known to try to help. I am just not comfortable being in the galley trying to work around people. I send the husband out to entertain them. :-)


The dishwasher is one of those expensive line items that seems nonessential to me. I mean, even now I can't use it for a) my copper cookware, b) the stemware, c) the knives, d) the wooden cutting boards, or e) the handmade pottery and slow-cooker insert. (I know the instructions say you CAN put the ceramic insert in the dishwasher. But I use that thing a lot and I would be really pissed if it broke.)

Anyway long story short I do at least 40% of my dishwashing by hand already. And if the apartment machine can't be cleaned up (it is presently leaving massive hard-water deposits and I'm only willing to run cleaning cycles over and over again for so long) I'll be on 100% pretty soon.

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