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July 24, 2013


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Debbie M

As a resident of Texas, I have to say ... Ha! Good one.

Here's another hypothesis about the low unemployment rate--Texas has a higher percentage of its citizens incarcerated than any other state. I bet incarcerating people keeps them off the unemployment rolls--and it adds jobs!

There are things I love about this state, though--pretty native plants and lots of wildflowers, sunny weather and warm winters (no shoveling snow or scraping ice), no state income tax, good probate laws (most people don't need to waste effort on making Trusts), pretty good small business rules, lots of ice cream and Tex Mex food, and it has Austin in it.

Austin is a college town with one of the biggest libraries in the country. People dress casually and are fairly open-minded about your demographics (I don't have to be religious). It's full of nerds (my favorite), but also affordable (important because I don't like those high-paying nerd jobs). It has the best movie theatres (Alamo has no ads in the pre-shows except movie trailers). It's about to have good internet (thank-you Google). It's just a little south of tornado country and west of hurricane country, so we really only have to worry about flooding. And about half my friends live here.

If there were a secession as you describe (or any of a number of other more likely scenarios), I might have to move. I haven't decided where to, yet (though I am, actually, working on a back-up plan). I don't like cold weather and I'm not good at learning new languages. I could probably handle obnoxious taxes and laws, but I really don't want to get back into churches or wearing make-up.

I do appreciate your offer of relocation assistance! Just let me past your border, though, and that's all the assistance I'd need.


Hi Debbie, I understand that Austin has already passed a resolution (or something like that) stating that if Texas secedes from the USA, Austin wants to secede from Texas. :-)

Secession talk is just one of many distractions the politically intransigent like to employ when they are at a loss on real issues of governance. I don't believe for a minute that Texas would actually vote to secede.

It's just like those county commissioners up in Colorado who are basically saying "we don't like these rules, we don't want to play anymore." The US constitution, and all of the state constitutions, lay out plenty of effective ways for the motivated to influence laws. Pouting and stomping are not effective.

Debbie M

I've never heard of that resolution! It's illegal for even Texas to secede, plus polls show that most Texans don't want to.

It's important to distract people from unpleasant issues. Ugh.


Did you see the daily show Lewis Black clip on TX? http://vimeo.com/70914835

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