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September 28, 2016


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Philomena de Andrade

1. I was wanting to make a comment in your previous post, a request actually. When you get around to working on the silk piece, please describe the process of prepping, stretching and finishing. I made a number of fabric pictures on stretcher strips a long, long time ago. I still have some lovely materials in storage.
2. Thank you for a fascinating read. This is not to make light of your trials and tribulations. And absolutely, it will not be too late to move into your own home in a decade or so. Who knows, you may be able to speed up the process.


Hi there. :-) I did the working mount for the silk over the weekend but I have to confess: I am not satisfied with it, and am going to disassemble it and use a quilting hoop instead. I don't feel I have the tension I need in order to get a smooth surface once the the piece is professionally finished and framed. Will definitely give details as the project progresses!

Re: trials: thank you for your kind words. In the big scheme of things, our little problems are trivial, but it's still been a tough couple of years.

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