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June 17, 2014


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The Ren Fest in LA is one of the best ones there is! Totally worth going! Especially with all the great entertainment... LA being a huge draw for actors. They have hilarious shows. I've been twice and don't remember being particularly overheated. I think it's pretty well shaded, which is important when it's a dry heat.

The SCA events in LA are a different organization, I believe. They're ok.

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    These are the image files for each of my published works of fiction. The L.A. Stories (currently ten separate novellas) are available singly for Kindle and Kindle apps from Amazon.com; and collected 3 at a time in paperback or e-book editions, also from Amazon. The four full-length novels are available for both Kindle and paperback formats.


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    These photos were taken on August 27, 2015 from the vantage point of a pedestrian bridge in Century City. What used to stand over this giant hole in the ground (four excavators were working at once) was a nondescript office building. In the background, the ruins of part of the mall. I am fascinated.

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    These are photos of prep, before, during, and after our first party in quite a while. There is nothing like entertaining at home to get me motivated to Improve Matters.
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